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Ticketing Policy

To book, please call Daisy on +61 (02) 8376 0850 between 10 AM - 6 PM, Monday to Friday, or email *


* All tickets need to be booked directly through SCCI except those hosted at our partner venue Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. In line with our philanthropic vision, our ticketing policy is, we believe, unique. Capacity is very limited in SCCI’s main venue (20 Goodhope St, Paddington) and our aim is to encourage a full house at every event, and the best possible ambience for presenters and audience.

To this end, many SCCI events indicate a ticket price but are free upon attendance. If you book for this event and do not attend, your credit card will be charged the full ticket price, which will become a donation to SCCI to assist us in continuing our mission.

Tickets are transferable, so if you are unable to attend, you may pass your ticket to another party. The other party must present your booking confirmation email so that your name may be checked off upon their arrival. If that party fails to attend and present your booking email, you will be charged as per our policy for non attendance.
Your booking of a place indicates your acceptance of this policy. No exceptions can be made.